We know professionals like you are always looking for ways to build knowledge in their field of expertise to be on top of their game. The UNCHAINED Training course will easily allow you to consolidate the practical information you have gained from the ToT courses. 


What is the UNCHAINED Project?


The dynamic nature of trafficking in human beings (THB) and the plurality and complexity of its forms make it notoriously difficult to investigate. Yet despite this complexity, it remains a heavily profit-driven crime that is profoundly difficult to operate without leaving a financial footprint.


Exploiting this fact, the work will start from the analysis of common crimes and of the interrelation between the so-called common crimes and different forms of serious crimes, particularly trafficking in human beings and organized crime.


The basic approach will be the follow-the-money one, therefore the whole project will be focused on the key topic of financing and funding this type of high profit activities. The specific objectives are:


1.       The understanding of the phenomenon, so the interrelation of the so-called poly-crimes phenomenon; this has several implications at a level of jurisdiction, considering the number of actors involved;

2.       Improving the financial analysis capacity of LEAs and Prosecutor Offices, in cooperation with private organizations managing key data to identify perpetrators and the modi operandi of different groups;

3.       Enhancing the skills, the know-how and the competences of the first line practitioners within their own specific jurisdiction to identify and report suspicious financial activities;

4.       In the last part the project, raising awareness on emerging trends in the field of countering THB.


For more information on the course: https://unchainedproject.eu/